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You are a unique, complex + beautiful part of nature.
​​​​​​​Make time to take care of you.
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If you're a busy, working professional who wants to meditate everyday, learn more about self-care through the chakras, and start your day with mindfulness, y​​​​ou're in the right place! 

During this 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE you'll…

- Learn how to meditate for at least 5 minutes everyday on a consistent basis

– Be more flexible and less stressed through specific yoga poses and acupressure points

– Strengthen your intuition and self-knowledge through journaling and self-inquiry techniques 

– Discover what the chakras are and how to cleanse, protect and build your energy 

– Finally have a 20 minute self-care routine you can do every single day to feel balanced and clear

What you'll get…

– A printable 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE guidebook explaining every step of the cleanse process

– Access to a private member only website with instructional yoga videos, guided audio meditations for the cleanse + more

– Q+A group video call with Brian + Cat 

– 1-on-1 nutritional Ayurvedic phone consultation with Brian if you sign up by Friday, March 15, 2019

​​​​​​​- Unlimited online support

What are the Chakras and why is it important to cleanse them?

The Chakras are energy centers in the body that give us a holistic model of our entire human physiology - mind, body and spirit. Each Chakra relates to specific organ systems, spaces of the body, mechanisms of the nervous system, emotions, and even beliefs and attitudes that are expressed through every level of our experience. By understanding, cleansing and balancing the Chakras, you start to understand the highest state of your human potential, and quite effortlessly, are inspired to achieve health in every level of your life.
What is the 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE?

The 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE is an opportunity for you to connect deeply with yourself through movement, meditation and active reflection. Each step of the 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE is designed to help you feel at ease and at home in your body and mind. Its purpose is to remind you how capable of anything and everything you truly are. Throughout this journey, you’ll detox your Chakra system and let go of stale energy you don’t need to be your most authentic self. At the end of the 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE, we hope that you embody the universal truth that anything is possible and feel lighter, more confident and inspired in all your life decisions.​​​​​​


This is not a way to lose weight fast. 
This is not a medical treatment to be used as a cure for disease.
This is not a method to break addiction (although it may assist in the process).
This is not a diet plan (in fact this cleanse does not include directions on what to eat at all.)
This is not a cure-all. 
This cleanse doesn't have to be hard :)

A cleanse is a means for you to lighten your being. Doing a cleanse will help you remove any useless or negative components of your life and give clarity to your true nature and how you choose to express it. This is what the 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE aims to do for you.

What do you do during the 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE?

Over the course of 21 days, each day you will perform a variation of two or three of these simple practices for a total of 10-15 minutes to help you awaken and balance your Chakras.

MOVE (5 minutes) - 
You’ll move your body! Either through a prescribed yoga posture or by massaging an ayurvedic marma point aka acupressure point directly related to a corresponding Chakra.

MEDITATE (5 minutes) - 
You’ll practice focusing your attention on subtle aspects of yourself or your surroundings through 5 minute guided meditations based on a particular Chakra.

MUSE (5 minutes) - 
You’ll actively reflect and journal your thoughts to connect deeper with one of your Chakras. 

After completing these steps, there is an additional step that will be revealed to you when you sign up for the cleanse that takes about 5 minutes.

How long will it take?

The total amount of time the 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE practices will take is about 20 minutes every day.

When does the 21 DAY CHAKRA CLEANSE start?

We officially begin Monday, April 1 and go through Sunday, April 21, 2019. 

When do I need to sign up by?

The last day to sign up is Wednesday, March 27, 2019. If you sign up by Friday, March 15, you'll save 33% and get a free Ayurvedic Nutritional Phone Consultation with Brian Witten.

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  • - q+a group call with brian and cat
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  • - access to private membership site
  • - q+a group call with Brian + Cat
  • - unlimited online support
You are a unique, complex + beautiful part of nature.
​​​​​​​Make time to take care of you.